Travel to Qatar for the 2022 World Cup: guide, requirements, tickets, hotels

The idea is that by the end of this year, Qatar will mark a much longer history. The particular reason is that they will host the 2022 World Cup in winter for the first time.

The 2022 FIFA World Cup will be held in Qatar from November 21 to December 16. There are still more than seven months to go, but the World Cup winds have barely blown. 7 World Cup groups were decided last night. Although 3 teams out of 32 have not yet been confirmed, it has been decided which team will play with whom, in which group. Naturally, people are excited about the World Cup.

As fans around the world prepare for the International Football Day, the timing and location of competitors are debated on the same scale, resulting in various conspiracies. According to the rules, 32 teams from a total of eight groups will be able to compete for the final in Doha, Qatar, and for a place in the round of 16.

Already, some of the world’s leading heavyweight nations, including Germany, Brazil, France and Argentina, are booking their tickets to Qatar. USA, Mexico and Canada will join the Middle East after surviving CONCACAF qualifying.

Football fans may have started planning who will watch World Cup matches. Many have even started dreaming of going to Qatar and enjoying the World Cup in person. The Spanish media Marca published a report for them. They calculated how much it would cost someone to go to Qatar and watch the World Cup. Let’s take a look at this cost. If you are planning to travel to Qatar this year, you must know the following news.

Travel restrictions are currently in place in Qatar

When a visitor to Qatar who is a non-citizen wants to visit the country, he must follow the United States Embassy in Qatar and must submit “all negative results of PC and lab results before travel” and must be within 48 hours of departure from the country of origin. Not available before. All passengers who have been vaccinated against COVID do not have to provide proof of any kind of quarantine or antigen test.

However, passengers who have not been vaccinated will be required to undergo a five-day “home quarantine” (in which case proof of residency and relationship will be required). Anyone who wants to move freely in the country must undergo a rapid antigen test for five days in a hotel or in quarantine at home. Those wishing to take this trip should follow updates from the US Department of State – Bureau of Consular Affairs website for further details. Because they will do everything before the start of the World Cup.

The United States Embassy in Qatar is currently offering a Level 4 Travel Advisory, stating that citizens should not travel to the country due to the high level of COVID-19. Of course, just around the corner from the World Cup, plenty of fans around the world will want to book in to take the world’s best players to the fore.

Ticket prices are not fixed. However, the average ticket price for group stage matches is $152, or just over Rs 13,000 in Bangladeshi currency. Naturally, the ticket price for the next round of matches will be higher. The ticket price for the final match will be the highest.

Qatar 2022 World Cup travel package prices:

If one wants to go directly from Dhaka to Qatar, there is no flight option. If you want to take an economy class flight, it will cost you thousands of rupees. As the World Cup draws to a close, ticket prices will naturally increase further. And if one wants to go business class, then the cost of the ticket will be at least one and a half rupees; the price will not drop except the price which will increase before the world cup.

All World Cup travel packages run from the first week of the tournament through to the final.

And so, Qatar Airways, the country’s state-owned airline, offers a number of packages which can be found below, including flights, accommodation and match tickets.

  • The team you support – Week one and two (four game package) – from $6,590
  • Starter group – One week (Three game package) – From $4,950
  • Next groups – Second week (three game package) – from $4,700
  • Knock out – Round of 16 (two-game package) – from $3,800
  • KO – Quarter-final (two-game package) – from $4,050
  • KO – Semi-finals and finals (three game package) – from $7,300
  • Knock out – Final and third-place match (two-match package) – from $5,600

And so, FIFA offers a number of packages for the tournament; however, passengers will need to purchase separate flights, accommodation and tickets for the final in Qatar

USA Match Hospitality is a certified distributor worth checking out for football fans to begin an adventure in the Gulf this winter.

Flights to Qatar: How much will they cost?

The 2022 World Cup will be hosted by four cities: Doha, Al Waqrah, Al Khor and Al Rayyan. Doha will be the main stopover for football fans attending the tournament, and Doha Hamad International Airport will be ready to receive all visitors from November once the competition begins.

By 2021, four US cities – Los Angeles, Chicago, Washington DC and New York – will offer two daily flights from the US to Qatar, while Dallas-Fort Worth offers 12 weekly flights to Boston, Miami, Philadelphia, San Francisco. . And they continue to provide all daily services in Seattle.

For example, if a passenger flew from Washington Dulles International Airport to Doha on November 16 and returned to the same airport on December 19 (during the tournament), the cost would be approximately 12,100.

It’s never cheap, but fans on the big stage have to pay a price if they want to see their favorite team and heroes in action. Below is a list of some airlines for those looking for more information on the exact cost.

  • qatarairways
  • American airlines
  • Royal Air Morocco
  • UK airlines
  • Turkish Airlines


If you have relatives or friends in Qatar, congratulations! You don’t have to spend more on hosting. But naturally, most people who want to watch the World Cup won’t have that advantage. For this reason, you need to find a hotel to stay there.

According to Marca, the potential hotel cost per person is at least $600 per night, or around 52,000 rupees in Bangladesh. And if you want to stay with the family, the cost of the hotel will increase to one and a half thousand dollars, or 1 lakh 30 thousand rupees.

The trip from the hotel to the stadium is free. As soon as you buy a ticket for the World Cup match, you receive a “Fan ID”, which is called Haiya Card. On presentation of this card, you can go to the stadium from the hotel for free to watch the match.

After calculating the various incidental costs, Marka said that if you want to stay in Qatar for 10 days, the possible cost would be around 8,061, or about Rs. 6,000,000.

You have to spend a little to be a partner in the World Cup experience.

The cost of food:

Wherever you go, don’t go without eating! If you want to eat at any fast food chain in Qatar, it will cost you at least 7.6 per meal, or around 600 rupees. If you eat in other restaurants, the cost will increase to 25 (about two thousand rupees). Depending on the cost, you can cook and eat it.

Hotels in Qatar:

There are a variety of rental homes available in Qatar for travelers including fan villages, cruise hotels, standard hotels and local apartments and villas for visitors during their stay in Qatar. But given the special needs, its availability can be difficult. FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 has a special official accommodation company, which has important information and portal aspects on various alternative routes to stay in the country within its budget.

There is an arrangement outside the standard hotel which can be very expensive; however, many are already sold out – buyers are excited and want to secure their place ahead of the World Cup schedule.

With an official website for the FIFA World Cup, the Qatar Airways and Trivago websites can be the most powerful resource available for customers to explore a variety of potential locations in Qatar that will meet all of their needs. .

Car rental in Qatar:

All types of car rental in Qatar vary from company to company, in which case SIXT has offers to help visitors get on the road.

Typically, all of these cars start at around $175 per day, but depending on how long the rent is; the rate can often be lower per day. With SIXT, for example, renting a car for the first week of a tournament would cost around $132 per day. And for the whole tournament, it costs about $127 per day if you want to rent a car yourself. Which will only vary from dealer to dealer.

Here are some of the other notable car lenders in Qatar who may be eligible for special departures for a variety of local rates:

  • Qatar in Europe
  • Automotive company at Al Taif Rent
  • United Car Rental Qatar
  • Oasis rent a car
  • Auto Z Car Rental
  • The total rent is a car
  • Al Saad is a car rental company

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