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William Russell’s research ranked cities based on the number of unique, hidden, or interesting places and things to do.

The study named the world’s best cities for a unique getaway.

The most wonderful city to visit in 2022 is Washington, USA.

Washington, DC is home to the United States Capitol and the White House, but there are plenty of other unique and interesting things to do.

According to research, the city offers 33.49 hidden and unusual things to do per 100,000 residents, such as the abandoned Dupont Underground tunnel or the Exorcist footsteps from the classic horror movie.

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Edinburgh has been named the second most unique city in the world.

Scotland’s bustling capital has a rich history, breathtaking castles and interesting sights including the ruins of Holyrood Abbey and the Witches’ Well.

In total, the city has 30.29 hidden and unique things to do per 100,000 people.

Tripadvisor user @zak said of Edinburgh: “Great views and impressive monuments, the city is fabulous.”


Washington, DC has more unique and interesting restaurants and bars than any other city per 100,000 people.

Brussels, Belgium is the second place with more hidden gems. The city offers travelers a unique dining experience with 1.15 hidden and unusual places to eat and drink for 100,000 people.

Edinburgh has been named the third best city in the world for foodies.

These three beautiful cities were followed by San Francisco and Amsterdam.

The most unique cities in the world:

Washington, D.C., United States

Edinburgh, UK

San Fransisco, United States

Brussels, Belgium

Stockholm, Sweden

Glasgow, Scotland

Dublin, Ireland

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Manchester, United Kingdom

Copenhagen, Denmark