Tonga volcano eruption could cause mini-tsunami in Spain’s Balearic Islands

According to Meteored experts, after the eruption of the Hunga Tonga volcano off the Pacific island of Tonga, a meteotsunami could have been generated in the Balearic Islands. The eruption was actually recorded in Spain.

Jose Miguel Viñas, Meteored’s meteorologist, commented: “The violent explosion of the Hunga Tonga volcano, in the Pacific, generated a train of pressure waves in the air, which propagated throughout the atmosphere, recording sudden oscillations of pressure during its passage. through observatories and meteorological stations all over the world, including Spain”.

As the expert explains, along with this, the eruption also generated “a train of sea waves that spread throughout the Pacific basin, causing a tsunami with catastrophic consequences on the islands of the Tonga archipelago. , impacting to a lesser extent many other coastal areas of the aforementioned basin”.

The volcanic ash plume is estimated to have reached 20 km a.s.l., entering the lower stratosphere. “The atmospheric shock wave carried the sound of the violent eruption over long distances. It was high intensity, within a radius of hundreds of kilometers around the volcano, reaching the recorded sound thousands of kilometers away, as far away from Tonga as Alaska,” Viñas added.

Francisco Martin, also a Meteored meteorologist, assures that the shock wave emitted by the Tonga volcano, according to data from the Australian Meteorological Office (BOM), moved at a speed of 1,000 km / h. “In some areas, this has resulted in pressure oscillations of between 6 and 7 hectopascals (hPa). Around 9 p.m. yesterday, it reached the Iberian Peninsula and the Balearic Islands with fluctuations of between 1 and 2 hPa,” he said.

According to Martin, although still pending examination, it is estimated that the wave could create “a meteotsunami of several tens of centimeters” in the Balearic Islands this weekend, as reported