The race is won: the best cities to run revealed

Image by Mike Baird Joggers in Morro Bay, USA

What are the optimal cities for someone looking to lead an active lifestyle? The measures used for such analyzes will vary depending on who is asking the question; however, attempts can be made to browse the tens of thousands of global cities (such as the World Health Organization city health profiles).

This attempt was undertaken by a shoe brand called HOKA. HOKA did not attempt to review all cities, but they applied their criteria (as a “Running Index”) to forty of the largest cities in the world, focusing on the best cities for running . the results were made available to Digital newspaper.

The company looked at factors like number of green spaces, walk score, average temperature, and air quality, among others, to reveal the top 10 cities for active living. One of the key criteria was “practicability”. In other words, the ease with which it is possible to navigate a city can determine the number of obstacles that a runner will avoid during his race? A tool was used to determine the walkability of cities, based on the ease of reaching different points in the city without using a car.

The three best cities for running are:

  1. Vienna, Austria – In first place with an overall score of 7.9 is Vienna. This city scores 100/100 for walkability and has very low traffic-related carbon dioxide emissions.
  2. Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain – In silver position in Santa Cruz de Tenerife with 82% of its land made up of green space and an average temperature of 22°C. Spain was previously in the top ten of other similar surveys.
  3. Melbourne, Australia – Melbourne is in the top three. This city has an average temperature of 17°C and a walkability score of 99/100.
  4. Rome, Italy – In position four, one of the oldest cities in the world, Rome. It is one of the best cities for runners with an average temperature of 17.5°C, air quality of 12/100 and walkability of 99/100. Give your body an extra boost by finishing your running session up and down the stairs in Piazza di Spagna.
  5. Stockholm, Sweden – Stockholm rounds out the top five. With significantly low traffic carbon dioxide emissions (2,377 gr per round trip) and a walk score of 99/100.

In sixth place is Berlin, Germany; the seventh is Lisbon, Portugal; eight is Sydney, Australia; ninth is Barcelona, ​​Spain; and the tenth is Copenhagen, Denmark.

Other interesting points are that London is the only British city to feature in the index, just missing out on a place in the top ten, in 11th position. The United States is the country with the most cities with twelve, with Denver ranking 12th overall, followed by San Diego and New York at 15th and 16th respectively. The only other countries with double entries are Spain, Australia and South Africa (with two each).

Running and outdoor exercise have become hugely popular in recent years, with global Google searches for ‘running’ increasing 22% year-on-year, searches for ‘vacation active” increasing by 50% and running holidays trending 22% higher than before. year.