The most beautiful cities in the world to visit

A bike might not be the best way to get around the old streets of Seville because of the sidewalks, but this bike sure has charm.— Unsplash

A study has found that scientifically the most beautiful city in the world is Chester in the northwest of England, reports Daily mail.

Researchers have used the “golden ratio” to decide how beautiful a city is. Chester, a walled cathedral city with 83.7% buildings, was ranked number 1.

Among the most eye-catching cities in the world, Venice followed Chester, ranking as the second most beautiful. London was third, followed by Belfast and Rome.

The highest-ranked city in the United States was New York, ranking 17th on the list.

What is the golden ratio?

The golden ratio is a measure to assess the beauty of cities. It takes into account the number, shape and structure of buildings.

Here are the 10 most beautiful cities in the world with their percentage of alignment with the golden ratio as reported by Online Mortgage Advisor.

1. Chester, UK — 83.7%

2. Venice, Italy — 83.3%

3. London, UK — 83%

4. Belfast, UK — 82.9%

5. Rome, Italy — 82%

6. Barcelona, ​​Spain — 81.9%

7. Liverpool, UK — 81%

8. Durham, UK — 80.5%

9. Bristol, UK — 80%

10. Oxford, UK — 79.7%