The missing Chinese millionaire Jack Ma in the Balearic Islands

Chinese millionaire Jack Ma, whom he has not seen for over a year, is alive; The regional daily Predeco de Ibiza reported on Wednesday that the founder of Alibaba Holding Company had been on his yacht for several days in the Spanish Balearic archipelago.

The newspaper, which provides a photo of the luxury yacht named Zen, owned by Jack Ma, said the information on the arrival of a Chinese businessman in the Balearic Islands was the first to be confirmed by the Hong Kong newspaper “Standard”.

The company “Priorico de Ibiza” confirmed that Jack’s yacht was not seen on Tuesday off Mallorca. The newspaper claims that The founder of Alibaba Holding Company and several Chinese entrepreneurs took the yacht from Ibiza.

The mysterious disappearance of Jack Ma

The mysterious disappearance of a Chinese businessman This has sparked a wave of speculation about his health in recent months. Some have argued that Jack Ma may have had an accident or died.

Spanish media reported on Wednesday that the founder of Alibaba Holding Company, one of … One of the biggest ecommerce platforms in the world, before it mysteriously disappeared He openly criticized the fiscal policy of the Chinese authorities.

The Madrid daily El Mundo summed up “the emergence of an end to speculation about Jack’s fate after his confrontation with Beijing”.