The biggest European cities to live in (soccer) Football

It’s not just money, fame, glory and goals in football. It’s the deep-rooted passion in the sport that masks the brighter sides. Blinding flares, massive flags, deafening chants, constant bickering, amusing banter, etc. – the fans’ sense of affection for their favorite teams is something that sends tingles to the hair when they find themselves in a crowded European football stadium.

It is arguably the most followed and sought after sport in the entire world, not to mention the continent. Here we take a look at some of the biggest cities in Europe that have their own personality when it comes to being a footballing powerhouse.

To start with the most obvious, London is an enigma for football lovers. Europe’s great financial center has long been at the crossroads of the sport’s development and is home to some of the world’s most famous clubs in Chelsea, Arsenal, Tottenham Hotspur, West Ham United and dozens more. With almost as many teams as districts, London offers a huge variety of football clubs, each with its own personality – from the top of the pyramid in the Premier League to amateur football. It is one of the capitals of football not only in Europe but in the world.

The Spanish capital is a hotbed of football fanatics and unsurprisingly, with two of Spain’s biggest teams – one of them being arguably the biggest club in world football. From Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid to lowly Leganes and Rayo Vallecano, each club has its own taste and character. From the historic Estadio Santiago Bernabeu to the majestic Wanda Metropolitano, Madrid’s stadiums are breathtaking. The city also has a lively nightlife and with its world famous museums, one cannot get bored here.

Two of England’s fiercest rivals call Manchester home: Manchester City and Manchester United. The City’s blue and red sides have their own passionate fan base respectively, but United are the more historic of the two – having inscribed their name in the pantheon of football’s most famous clubs in the world. Old Trafford, also known as the ‘Theatre of Dreams’, is a stadium not to be missed and the Etihad Stadium on the other side of town is also a great place to experience exciting football.

A city of contrasting cultures, history, architecture and geography, Istanbul is quite simply a treat to experience. Straddling the crossroads between two continents, the city is home to the three giants of turkish football – Galatasaray, Besiktas and Fenerbahce – three teams with hugely passionate fanbases. Although Istanbul is infamous for its hooliganism and violent incidents, that shouldn’t deter anyone from discovering its wonderful aura and multicultural beginnings. From Hagia Sophia and the Spice Bazaar to the Bosphorus Bridge and the Blue Mosque, the city is full of places to explore.

The Bavarian capital is home to one of Europe’s most feared sides in Bayern Munich, who have continued to crush continental opponents in recent years. Munich is an extremely hospitable city with great beer, friendly locals and a wealth of culture. The German giants call the stunning Allianz Arena home, a stadium renowned for its UFO shape fully equipped with RGB lighting that can be changed to suit the occasion. Its architectural brilliance is underrated, but it’s not Munich’s only attraction, as the city is also home to the famous BMW Museum where the best vintage and modern automobiles can be found.

Right next to Milan, Rome’s cultural and historical significance makes it an obvious entry into the biggest footballing cities. Roma vs Lazio is one of world football’s fiercest rivalries and they surprisingly share the same stadium – the grand Stadio Olimpico, the second biggest in Italy. With the eagle as its symbol, Lazio is known as the club of the working class, in stark contrast to the bourgeois personality of Roma, represented by the wolf in reference to the twin founders of the great city, Romulus and Remus.

Each of the above cities have their respective clubs competing for Europe’s biggest and fiercest club tournament – the UEFA Champions League – and according to statistics, betting providers predict Manchester City and Bayern Munich will outperform all other teams and go all the way in the competition this season. With the aforementioned resource, one can gain indisputable knowledge on where to place their hand, an overview of popular football markets, and a first-hand guide to increase their understanding of betting in general. Players, whether new or old, can also benefit from rewards and bonuses such as free bets, loyalty points and cashback programs.

Europe is arguably the best continent to explore the power of football, on par with South America, with its die-hard fans, gigantic stadiums, jaw-dropping tifos and tactical take on the beautiful game itself . All of the above adds to its amazing culture and history, which one never tires of.

| picture by Emerson Viera to Unsplash