The Balearic Islands receive the most foreign visitors in summer

The Balearic government uses thousands of Twitter accounts to keep tabs on floating population.

The study concludes that the Balearic Islands receive most foreigners in high season Cantabria is second and there is a huge difference between them and the other communities.

The government believes that Twitter could be the definitive tool for financing the islands and promoted a study on the use of Twitter throughout Spain to calculate the population in each autonomy.

The study analyzes anonymously thousands of Twitter accounts: starting with where the account is usually used – the user’s community or country of origin and physically following the account, to determine where the tweets are coming from.

The study was carried out by José Javier Ramasco and Miguel Artigues, of the Institute of Interdisciplinary Physics and Complex Systems, a research institute jointly owned by the UIB and the Higher Council for Scientific Research, or CSIC.

Ramasco explains that this data was used to follow the flow of movements via social networks and recognizes that Twitter is used by 1% of the total population, which are young, urban and highly mobile groups. For the first time, the results can be compared with other autonomous communities.

In the Balearic Islands, for example, the human pressure index allows you to know exactly how many people there are on the islands at a specific time, but this data did not exist until now in other autonomous communities.

The government submitted its report to the Ministry of Finance to show that there are tools available to calculate the floating population of each community and would like to include this factor in the new funding model.

“It is very important that the finance system includes this as a first indicator,” says Chief Financial Officer Xisco Oliver. “This is the first step in being able to quantify this phenomenon and compare it with other communities.”

The report concludes that the Balearic Islands are suffering the greater human pressure in the country in high season.

The results also confirm that the Balearic Islands constitute a very special case due to its high floating population compared to the resident population and due to the high seasonality of the floating population.

Human pressure increases by 50% in the Balearic Islands in the summer season and also has one of the highest percentages of visitors in the low season, surpassed by Madrid and Aragon.

The government has proven that the communities where the population increases the most are those that generate employment, such as the Balearic Islands, the Canary Islands and Madrid.