The Balearic Islands detect the most contagious omicron substrain already circulating in Denmark

Worker in the microbiology laboratory of Son Espases.

26-01-2022Father Bota

The Microbiology laboratory of Son Espases confirms that the BA.2 subvariant of Omicron, known to be more contagious than the current strain, is already circulating in the Balearic Islands. These are residual cases but the WHO has already focused on this strain because it is spreading dizzyingly in some countries.

The latest report shows how omicron is responsible for 96.3% of infections in the Balearics, while the remaining 3.7% is split between delta and the new subvariant which is already responsible for around half of positive cases in Denmark , one of the affected countries where BA.2 is set to be the majority substrain.

Little is known about this new sub-variant, except that it even seems more transmissible than previously known.

The key is to know if he can develop more serious symptoms during infections, even if everything indicates that this would not be the case.

For now, according to the head of microbiology of Son Espases, Antonio Oliver, we have to follow its evolution and see if this could lead to cases of reinfection.