The 6 foreign countries that Yorkshire people from 7 different cities want to emigrate to

Although it’s hard to believe, people in Yorkshire sometimes want to leave God’s country and the country itself.

Whether it’s for a new job, to be closer to family and friends, to retire or for a fresh start, people migrate. But where do the Tykes planning to leave Yorkshire want to migrate?

A study by immigration lawyers Reiss Edwards analyzed online searches for visas by country of destination and UK city from which the search originated. With one exception, residents of seven Yorkshire towns were looking to move to English-speaking developed countries.

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Some may have looked for a home with warmer weather, although some chose Canada which is known for its very cold winters, although hot summers in its major cities. It may not be for more affordable living either, as all but Spain are more expensive than the UK, according to Numbeo’s 2022 report.

Here is the list of countries that residents of these seven Yorkshire towns are considering moving to.

In the UK as a whole, the US was the most popular choice, favored by 18 UK cities. This is followed by Canada with 15 UK cities, Australia (12), New Zealand (nine), Spain (six) and France (four).

Reiss Edwards chief executive Amar Ali said: “There are many reasons why Britons want to move abroad, whether it’s for a warmer climate, a cheaper economy or to be closer to loved ones. With an average of 400,000 Britons emigrating each year, this data offers a fascinating insight into where UK residents want to settle.