Storm Blas arrives this weekend and will affect the Balearics and the Mediterranean – CVBJ


11/05/21 at 15:58 CET


The storm is coming Blas in the Balearics and the Mediterranean coast this weekend, the first named of this season, In principle, it will not have the destructive power typical of tropical hurricanes, but it could cause waves of up to 14 meters and winds of over 100 km / hour in these areas.

Blas This is the first storm that the State Meteorological Agency (Aemet) has named this season because “of the possibility that its core may acquire characteristics of tropical or subtropical cyclones”, according to the spokesperson for the Agency, Rubén of the Field.

The storm too will be the most striking phenomenon of the first weekend of November Particularly cold temperatures are expected across Spain, with temperatures between 5 and 10 degrees below normal at the moment, widespread frosts and snow in the northern mountains, a situation that will continue until to Monday 8, when more fall values ​​will recover.

Aemet calculates that It will be between the night of this Saturday and the first fortnight of Sunday that the storm will form east or south-east of the Balearic Islands and hope that it will not be very extensive but deep, being able to generate very strong winds, sea storms and intense downpours, mainly in the archipelago.

Despite the tropical or subtropical characteristics that Blas might have, meteorologists are not yet going to grant this storm the status of cyclone, but they speak of “medicán” (from the fusion of the English terms “Mediterranean” and “hurricane” or Mediterranean hurricane. , in Spanish) because of its characteristics.

And it is that the Aemet He hopes that Blas will cause waves of more than 7 meters in the Balearics and sometimes even up to 14 meters. at points on the coasts of Mallorca and Menorca during the night of Saturday and the day of Sunday.

In addition, the winds will blow continuously and with very intense gusts exceeding 90 or 100 km / hour, accompanied by locally heavy thunderstorms.

In view of these forecasts, the shipping company Baleària has suspended the scheduled routes between Ciutadella and Alcúdia from the afternoon of this Friday until Monday due to the expected unfavorable weather situation in the Menorca channel.

For its part, the General Directorate of Civil Protection and Emergencies advised extreme caution during the weekend inside the Balearic Islands and in areas around the Mediterranean.

Forecasts suggest that on Saturday and Sunday the storm will also be noticed in the northeast of Catalonia and in the points of the coast where the intensity of the wind will increase and there will be showers that will reach the Valencian Community.

Thus, until Monday 8 Catalonia and the Balearic Islands will be in Orange alert (significant risk) due to the wind, strong waves and bad seas, while the Valencian Community and Murcia will have a yellow warning for the same phenomena, although less intense.

Cold temperatures

As for the rest of Spain, this Friday is expected heavy cloudiness, persistent precipitation in the central band of the Cantabrian Sea and snow in the mountains of the northern half, at 1000 or 1200 meters above sea level, and lower in the Pyrenees.

The cold environment will persist until early next week, with temperatures below normal throughout the country and especially in the interior areas of the peninsula because there the thermometers could read between 5 and 10 degrees cooler than usual at this time of year .

They wait mountain frostsa, more intense in the Pyrenees, and in the moors of the northern plateau, where they could drop below five degrees below zero, as well as in the areas of northeastern Castilla-La Mancha, in the vicinity of Molina de Aragón and in points of the province of Teruel.

Maximum temperatures will also remain below 15 degrees throughout most of the interior of the peninsula and below 10 or 12 degrees in large areas of the northern half, according to Aemet.

As for the first three days of next week, a slightly cloudy sky will prevail but thunderstorms will continue over the Balearic Islands, locally strong especially in Mallorca and Menorca and weaker on the Mediterranean coast of the peninsula.

The intense winds and the maritime storm will continue in the Balearic Islands and Catalonia and the weather will be cloudy in eastern Cantabria, the upper Ebro, north of Navarre and the Pyrenees, where it will snow above 1 000 and 1,500 meters on Monday.

Temperatures will rise in particular on Monday, drop a little on Tuesday and rebound on Wednesday, with some night frosts.

From Thursday 11th, the showers could continue in the Balearic Islands, but they are already losing intensity and the winds may also decrease.

In the Canaries, the trade winds will intensify, blowing with strong intervals, while temperatures will drop slightly on Friday and remain unchanged during the weekend.