Spanish hotels on the Costa del Sol will soon have their own electric car chargers thanks to EU money

HOTELS on the Costa del Sol will soon be able to charge electric vehicles as part of a central government initiative.

Malaga-based company Activicar Mobility won the tender to supply equipment to 32 hotels through the Institute for Diversification and Energy Saving (IDEA).

The project across Andalusia has benefited from €470,000 of EU funds from the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan.

This decision is part of the European fight against climate change.

“It is necessary to promote environmentally friendly transport systems and means to make cities and their environments more sustainable and livable,” said central government delegate in Malaga, Javier Salas.

It is part of the Moves Singular II Plan implemented by the Ministry of Ecological Transition.

Salas added that the aim was to “promote the technological maturity of electric vehicles and their batteries in order to facilitate their commercialization”.

Activicar was one of 82 companies chosen nationally to carry out the plan.

Finally, Salas praised the EU funds which “give us a unique opportunity to transform ourselves and improve our quality of life as a country”.