Spanish beaches in Fuengirola see Man O War jellyfish washed up on shore, raising alarms

This morning in Fuengirola, Spain, walkers were shocked to see Man O War jellyfish washed up in large numbers on the beach.

Luke Prothero walking his dog Hugo contacted Euro Weekly News to let us know about the small invasion and warn others.

Winter swimming is popular along the Costa del Sol coast and swimmers’ nightmare is jellyfish, but Man O War jellyfish are the most feared.

The man o’war who is not strictly a jellyfish but a floating colony of microscopic hydrozoans has tentacles that can grow up to 30 meters in length and are barbed with a sting which usually causes painful welts lasting up to three to 5 days although in some cases the bite may cause an allergic reaction and heart failure.

Even washed up on the sand, the long tentacles still contain the dangerous venom.

Residents living in Fuengirola in Spain were grateful as beach workers quickly cleared the area of ​​dangerous species and Richard Johns of the Torreblanca Hills said “it looks like the warm waters at this time of year see jellyfish early on. and swimmers should be aware that these type of jellyfish have large tentacles which can really sting and are difficult to spot in the water, dog walkers should be careful as well as curious dogs can be severely stung even by the stranded, although the beach workers are fantastic here and clean them up soon “

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