Spanish beaches are littered with dog poop as complaints reach record highs with call to ban dogs from Spanish beaches altogether

Spanish beaches are said to be the pride of the nation, as tourism is vital to the Spanish economy, but complaints about dog poop on the golden sands are reaching record levels.

Spain still has a big problem in general with dog poop which is not pooped and picked up on the sidewalks of Spain, but as now dogs are allowed on the beaches and they are attacked because owners do not clean up their pets’ mess.

Due to the increase in damage caused by dogs on beaches, town halls on the Spanish coasts might consider banning dogs entirely on all beaches, which will ruin responsible dog owners who like to walk the beach with them. their dog. A source close to Fuengirola town hall told Euro Weekly News that it is becoming a very important consideration between mayors and town halls to enforce a total ban 12 months a year.

Our source also said that clearance costs exceed city hall budgets, along with a record number of incoming complaints.

We, Euro Weekly News, sent a reporter this morning to inspect the beach along the coast of Fuengirola and get advice from people who on this day of celebration are enjoying what is supposed to be golden sand and not dog toilets.

Within 15 minutes of walking on the beach, our reporter counted 46 pieces of dog poop lying on the sand in an area only 2.6 miles between Los Boliches and Fuengirola.

“It’s disgusting,” said Emilia from Finland as we watched our reporter count messy dog ​​pieces – “What’s wrong with people? it takes 20 seconds to take out a bag and pick it up, these people spoil it for others out of sheer laziness and lack of responsibility, ”she cried again angrily.

As our reporter only took a few more steps on the beach, he bumped into Mikel Harrisopp from Denmark who said, “Look at him, there is blood everywhere, I know the beach workers are probably in. national holiday today, but it’s really not necessary, I come to Spain in winter for the warm weather and the beautiful walks on the beach every morning, but this year all I have encountered is mounds of dogs strewn on the beach, it must stop ”

Then as our reporter walked up to the Hole in the wall bar, Debbie Denman shouted “Look at that dog, his name is Dino – he belongs to that Spaniard over there on the bench, he’s never on a leash.” , look he’s coming! ”

With that, Dino walked through the entrance to the promenade on the sand and crouched down, dropping a huge pile of poo on the sand, while the owner looked oblivious, our reporter approached him and asked him if he was going to pick it up, he said in broken English. “oh sorry I didn’t see him do it”

“Well get out your poop bags so I showed you now what your dog did” said our reporter, “I don’t have any on me but don’t worry he will wash away with the tide” was the dog the owners meet.

Debbie stormed in yelling at the man, who just pretended not to understand and walked away letting the dog follow yards behind, in all fairness Debbie retrieved a recyclable dog poop bag and removed the mess.

She said “Why the hell am I picking up her mess begging belief but I can’t just sit idly by and allow a kid to step in or worse this dog owner does that all the time, I’ve seen him a lot, this is totally unacceptable “.

When we reported our findings this morning with our source at town hall and reporting on the amount of dog poop found on a small section along the beach, he said, “I’m not surprised at all, like i say, complaints are at levels see a total dog ban on beaches 12 months a year to come “

Miguel Ramos from Fuengirola said our reporter dropped 46 bags of dog poop in the trash (yes he picked it up) – I have been to the town hall and have complained sometimes both here and in La Cala, most of the time. they told me they were considering a total ban, I think the ban should be implemented immediately, ”he said

“Spain needs beautiful, clean beaches – no dog toilets,” he said.

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