Serious shortage of Guardia Civil personnel in the Balearic Islands

As Ernesto Vilariño, the secretary general of JUCIL, reported in his balance sheet for 2021, after joining the Civil Council of Guardia as a majority association created in November last year, “both were accomplices of inaction for not having brought solutions to various matters. 2021 was a lost period for the 80,000 colleagues of the Guardia Civil “.

“Neither one nor the other,” he stressed, “no progress has been made in the main objective, the equalization of salaries with the other autonomous police forces. But we are here to remind you that there are wage gaps to be filled, and rights to be claimed, in an entity highly appreciated by society, but abandoned and discriminated against for decades by those in power ”.

For JUCIL, it is “essential”, underlined Vilariño, that Maria Gamez, the general director of the Guardia Civil, reinforce the models, adapting them to the peculiarities of emptied Spain.

“For example”, asked the secretary general of JUCIL, “How do you act in rural areas when faced with a case of gender violence? What prevention and response actions can be implemented in the absence of personnel? The Guardia Civil is responsible for the security of thousands of municipalities in an environment characterized by aging and depopulation ”.

Consequently, JUCIL is preparing to propose a study which envisages the restructuring of the territorial deployment of personnel through a “more efficient” model. This would be done by reflecting on the advisability of having positions in each capital, with up-to-date, 24-hour service, and more efficient.

“We fear,” added Vilariño, “that the Guardia Civil, which provides services in rural areas, will end up seeing these destinations as a place of passage, until they obtain a place in the provincial capitals”.

“We must encourage them, not only with a financial amount, but also with the recognition of their effort with a higher score, or by decorations for the service rendered, and thus keep more time for the colleagues of Empty Spain”, he proposed. .

The downsizing “worsens depopulation in the corners of Spain where the number of officers is lower than expected in the current workforce,” he said.

He pointed out that the total number of vacancies exceeds 10,000 in the whole of Spain’s geography. This is particularly acute in rural areas where this shortage, he said, “generates an increase in the degree of insecurity of goods and properties of residents of thousands of small urban centers”.

Explaining that, “many times the Guardia Civil are more than servants of public order, they become letter carriers, companions, daily visitors or distributors of medicines and companions for a time”.

“The missing percentage of the vacant workforce in the Balearic Islands is 5.1 percent,” he said, assuring that it is one of the lowest in all of Spain. However, he clarified, “the particular conditions and the geographical characteristics of the community, more precisely its insularity, impose specific requirements for the accomplishment of the assigned services”, as reported.


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