Restrictions are relaxed again in the Balearic Islands

Minister Iago Negueruela made the announcement Credit: Twitter

RESTRICTIONS are eased again in the Balearic Islands as of October 26, now that infections have declined and some 81% of the eligible population has been vaccinated.

Announcing this decision, Minister Iago Negueruela said that the plan establishes a return to normalcy in all economic and social activities, always taking into account general measures of caution and protection and the use of the mask.

In general, 100% use of the maximum capacity of establishments, premises or services open to the public will be authorized. however, nightclub activities will always require the compulsory wearing of a mask and in areas delimited and separated from areas intended for the consumption of drinks and food.

One of the few remaining restrictions is that concerning tobacco consumption, since it is still forbidden to smoke on the terraces of public establishments, as well as in open spaces for public use when it is not possible to ensure maintaining a minimum distance of two meters from others.

The Balearics are at alert level 1. By islands, Mallorca, Ibiza and Formentera are at alert level 1, while Menorca is at alert level 0, or risk under control.

Wearing a mask will always be mandatory during large outdoor events where a minimum separation distance of 1.5 meters is not possible and inside there is a requirement for the ventilation of confined spaces and the mandatory presence of meters. of CO 2 in establishments classified as high risk.

Wearing a mask is compulsory in sports halls although competitions with less than 3000 participants are authorized without prior authorization from the General Directorate of Sports.

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