Public transport will be free for all residents of the Balearic Islands in Spain next year

PUBLIC transport in the Balearics will be free next year, it has been announced, in a massive boon for the islands.

Whether it’s taking the train, the metro or the buses, the only thing that will stop people from accessing free and unlimited public transport is whether they can prove that they are regular users.

In order to prevent the hordes of sunburned tourists from surfing and overloading the generous subsidy, occasional users will still have to pay for an individual ticket.

“Today we announced that public transport will be completely free in ALL #IllesBalears throughout 2023”, wrote on Twitter Josep Marí Ribas, local councilor for mobility and housing for the Government of the Balearic Islands.

“This is great news for the citizens of this country,” he added.

The Balearic Ministry of Mobility and Housing applauded the constant behind-the-scenes negotiations between the Balearic Islands government and the Spanish government in Madrid to agree the deal and budget amendment.

The deal was greeted with wild enthusiasm by islanders, with one Twitter user writing: ‘Now the Council must improve public transport service once and for all to be the best alternative to the private car.

A similar regime will also be introduced for the Canary Islands.