Pro-life ads removed in several Spanish cities | National Catholic Register

The “Cancelled” campaign “aims to combat political correctness, the culture of cancellation and the repression of freedoms”.

Alfonso Galdón, founding president of Spain’s Valores political party, denounced the Murcia city government on Friday for banning the “Cancelled” pro-life advertising campaign.

In a January 21 YouTube post, Galdón said that “the constitutional rights of the Spanish people have been violated by the Murcia City Council.”

Pressure from the abortion lobby led several Spanish city councils, including those of Valencia, Valladolid and Murcia, to ban the ads.

The ‘Cancelled’ campaign opposes a bill pushed by Spain’s ruling Socialist Workers’ Party that would criminalize ‘harassment of women visiting clinics for the voluntary termination of pregnancy’. Anyone promoting, favoring, or participating in protests near abortion centers would face penalties.

Penalties for what would be considered harassment would include prison terms of three months to a year, or community service of 31 to 80 days. Depending on the circumstances, an individual could also be barred from entering a particular location for a period ranging from six months to three years.

The mayor of Murcia is a member of the PSOE.

“Today the city government of Murcia has done our democracy a huge disservice by trampling on the right to freedom of expression, demanding the removal of pro-life posters which until this post- noon, could be seen in the streets of Murcia,” Galdón said.

In opposition to the bill, from January 18, 260 posters were placed in advertising kiosks in the streets and at metro stops in 33 Spanish cities to “raise our voice against prison sentences”.

Under the bill pending in Spain’s lower house, pro-lifers could be prosecuted without the aggrieved person or their legal representative being required to file a complaint.

The “Cancelled” campaign “aims to combat political correctness, the culture of cancellation and the repression of freedoms”.

The posters read: “Praying in front of abortion centers is a good thing.” By using a QR code on the poster, the testimony of Dr. Jesús Poveda, one of the main promoters of the pro-life movement in Spain, can be accessed.

The campaign will also include interviews, educational videos and written material.

The posters state that “more than 99,000 abortions are performed in Spain every year. The crime of those who pray in front of abortion centers is to want to save some of these lives.

In his video message, Galdón said these efforts to cancel the campaign violated freedom of expression, “which only seeks to defend the lives of the weakest, of the unborn.” Galdón told politicians and those who promote abortion that “you are not going to silence us, we are growing in the face of injustice”.