No, the new alcohol laws in the Balearic Islands do not affect the Canary Islands –

No, the new alcohol laws in the Balearic Islands do not affect the Canary Islands

EasyJet is warning holidaymakers of changes to alcohol laws affecting some areas of the Balearic Islands, which, although came into force in 2020, are now being enforced after two years of the pandemic. The rules mean that customers on all-inclusive holidays can have three drinks at lunch and three at dinner, but if they want more they will have to pay for them.

With travel restrictions and rules being eased from the UK, many people are now starting to book holidays and want to return to pre-Covid holiday destinations for some sunshine.

However, these laws are local to the Balearic Islands and do not affect the Canary Islands, as many social media users incorrectly post, share and comment on them.

But there have been law changes in some Balearic resorts that people should be aware of before planning all-inclusive trips to these islands, which were introduced in the summer of 2020, to limit the impact of drunkenness on the residents.

EasyJet said: “Due to a change in Spanish law which affects certain resorts in the Balearic Islands, alcoholic drinks are now limited to three per person at lunch and dinner as part of the all-inclusive plan.”

These rules apply to Magaluf and Palma in Mallorca, and some areas of Ibiza, but not all regions, so people are encouraged to check before booking.

The Balearic government has also banned happy hours, pub crawls and two-for-one drink deals, and alcohol cannot be sold in stores between 9:30 p.m. and 8:00 a.m., and party boat advertising in certain areas is also prohibited.

Why have laws been introduced:

Balearic Islands Tourism Minister Iago Negueruela said they “hope to put an end to the drunken and disorderly behavior of tourists” and want to stop the “depreciation” of the Balearic Islands to attract holidaymakers who don’t appreciate its rowdy . picture.

Council leaders have staged a fightback to try to clean up the image of resorts like Magaluf, since it was rocked by a scandal in 2014 when a British holidaymaker was filmed performing sex acts on 24 men. The incident led Mallorca’s top politician at the time, Jose Ramon Bauza, to call Magaluf’s famous party strip, Punta Ballena, “500 meters of shame”.

In 2018, council chiefs upped the ante against tourists behaving badly in Magaluf by putting up road signs warning them of heavy fines for drinking on the street, nudity and fighting. The brightly colored signs, which carried the slogan “Have fun with respect”, were mounted on lampposts and other visible places in the resort.

The fines for non-compliance with these rules are as follows:
– Drinking in the street: 500 euros per person.
– Not wearing adapted clothes in the street (i.e. no t-shirt, only bathing suits): 400 euros per person.
– Shouting, making noise, fighting or disturbing others: 400 euros per person.

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