More than 1,000 Halloween products recalled in the Balearic Islands

Over 1,000 Halloween products recalled in the Balearic Islands.

1,331 Halloween products such as costumes, masks and joke items have been recalled from the Balearic Islands.

The general direction of consumption has recalled 1,331 Halloween products such as costumes, masks and joke items for non-compliance with regulations.

During the month of October, inspection and surveillance visits were made to stores selling Halloween products for children under the age of 14.

The controls aim to verify that these products comply with the safety and labeling requirements of the regulations in force.

201 control actions were carried out on costumes, masks, joke items and other accessories, and it was checked whether their composition, labeling and characteristics comply with the regulations.

By islands, 144 establishments were visited in Mallorca, 30 in Eivissa and 27 in Menorca.

Among the products inspected, 307 are costumes, 542 costume accessories, 108 joke items and 66 masks for the Halloween party.

The Department of Consumer Affairs has included four dangerous products in the Department of Consumer Affairs’ state alert network due to serious safety deficiencies. Two were at varying degrees of risk of injury and, of the other two, one was at eye risk and the other was at risk of inflammation.

Among the 1,331 recalled products, the main deficiencies detected were the absence of a label, labeling in a non-official language and missing markings.

The General Directorate of Consumer Affairs reiterates the importance of ensuring that products and costumes meet all safety requirements.

If you choose to buy fancy dress, you need to consider the age of the child.

Check the accessories for sharp parts or small parts that could come loose.

Masks should have sufficient ventilation holes to prevent suffocation and be suitable for the size and age of the wearer.

Make-up products, hair dyes, etc. can cause allergic reactions because they contain chemicals. It is recommended to test the product on certain areas of the skin beforehand, and once the pleasure is over, be sure to cleanse the face and body well so that no residue remains.

Make sure that the labeling indicates at least the name of the product, the manufacturer or the importer, the address, the minimum expiry date, the lot number, the components, the brand, the country of origin and the CE marking, which is the fundamental indicator of a product’s compliance with European Union legislation.

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