Malaga in Spain has been voted one of the 20 best cities for Christmas markets in Europe – the only Spanish city to make the list

USERS of a major travel website have voted Malaga’s annual Christmas market among the top 20 in Europe.

The European Best Destinations website, Europe’s largest tourism promotion platform, pointed out that “the spirit of Christmas pervades every corner of Malaga’s streets”.

The leading platform, which provides information on major destinations in Europe, also detailed the city’s concerts and street decorations and of course spectacular lighting.

The streets of Malaga which burst with life and color at Christmas are the only Spanish city to make the list and were chosen for the lights, decorations and nativity scenes with which the city is decorated at this time of year.

The other Christmas markets on the list are:
1. Budapest, Advent in the Basilica (Hungary)
2. Basel (Switzerland)
3.Metz (France)
4. Vienna (Austria)
5. Montbeliard (France)
6. Craiova (Romania)
7. Trier (Germany)
8. Madeira (Portugal)
9. Brussels (Belgium)
10. Govone and Asti (Italy)
11. Edinburgh (Scotland)
12. Valkenburg (Netherlands)
13. Tallinn (Estonia)
14. Prague (Czech Republic)
15.Manchester (United Kingdom)
16. Bruges (Belgium)
17. Malaga (Spain)
18. Leipzig (Germany)
19. Nottingham (UK)
20. Dusseldorf (Germany)