Looking for a dance party? Hit These 10 Cities First

Those looking to dance while on vacation might consider these towns, where the party is always on and the tunes are always blasting.

Humans are dynamic beings who change their moods all the time depending on their heart’s desires and for travelers this changes their expectations of the type of experiences they desire. Sometimes it is more appealing to indulge in some outdoor activities, while at other times it is enjoyable to taste wine and eat delicious food. But travelers always seem to forget the unforgettable experience of screaming, shaking vigorously, and swallowing bottles of beer in a bustling atmosphere filled with epic music. Partying is one of the most amazing experiences you can have. It’s a great avenue to meet new people and enjoy climax pleasure. For those who are already looking forward to this incredible experience, these cities around the world should be at the top of the list.

ten Sydney, Australia

Sydney is an exciting atmosphere to enjoy a fun and lively night. Although it ranks among the most expensive cities in the world, Sydney is a party spot for all travelers, regardless of budget. From laid-back bars with mellow sounds to crazy nightclubs with packed dance floors, this city will have visitors anticipating nightfall. Some hostels even throw parties so you don’t have to look for places to celebrate.

9 Berlin, Germany

Partying in Berlin is a daily routine. When 9-5 workers leave the clubs, events are held during the day to keep the atmosphere buzzing until dusk when people head straight into the clubs from their offices with suits and towels to have fun. Berlin presents many bars, ballrooms and nightclubs so that visitors never get bored. The city’s restaurants also feature that lively atmosphere that will make people want to put all that energy into a dance floor that’s usually nearby.

8 Amsterdam, Netherlands

The most populous city in the Netherlands is also a mecca for partygoers. Its laid-back streets quickly turn into a bustling scene for partying once the sun goes down. From the city squares of Rembrandtplein and Leidseplein to the streets of De Pijp, there are nightclubs everywhere the parties are sure to be at night. Pleasant music, delicious cocktails and friendly people make it more conducive to party all night long.

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seven Miami, Florida

In Miami, the beaches own the day but the parties own the night. With plenty of bars, clubs and lounges, at night travelers will hop from venue to venue enjoying lively atmospheres with epic music blaring through speakers all night long to keep people cheering and let the beers flow. Some beaches even have parties and will have people waking up to the sound of the calming waves of the sea and the soothing sand of the beach.

6 Barcelona, ​​Spain

Spain’s second largest city is an ideal party destination where travelers can head to a nightclub or bar to release the stress of the day over a delicious cocktail or on the dance floor. From Monday to Sunday, the city of Barcelona rages with parties that start late at night and continue until dawn. On weekends, the parties are at their peak with music blaring from every cocktail bar and nightclub all night long.

5 Havana, Cuba

Cigars and vintage cars aren’t the only things Havana is known for. The nightlife in Havana is as good as the cigars and it’s easy to see why half of Camila Cabello’s heart is in this city. Its cultural diversity combined with the unique music makes the atmosphere more enjoyable. Nightclubs line the streets, showcasing romantic vibes, sounds of salsa music and endless rotations of passionate dancers.

4 Las Vegas, Nevada

Beaches are to the Caribbean what parties are to Las Vegas. The resort town is known for its nightlife and love of fun which has earned it the name – the town of sin. Besides being one of the most popular gambling cities in the world, Las Vegas is a paradise for party goers. The many nightclubs in the city present a vibrant atmosphere with its beautiful lights, excellent DJs and a fun-loving crowd. There are also plenty of pool parties in the city.

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3 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Brazilians love parties so much that they never stop. When one party ends, another one is almost certain to start nearby. During the annual Rio Carnival, people show their true selves, filling the streets with epic street parties and the sounds of samba music making it impossible for cars to pass. But not only during carnival; Bars and nightclubs line the streets of the city in abundance and throw parties all year round to satisfy the most intense party cravings.

2 New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans has a different kind of vibe. It’s famous for being the birthplace of jazz music, so expect plenty of unique jazz sounds in clubs and bars all over the city. Many musicians even bring musical atmospheres to life in the streets so that those who pass by can quickly move to the irresistible rhythm. In New Orleans, the music is raw and captivating as it is produced from every type of instrument one can think of, from wind instruments to string instruments and drums. Imagine a city where people flood the streets with their instruments at their fingertips singing and rejoicing in celebrating the life of a music icon. That’s what happened in New Orleans when Dr. John died – one of the world’s most iconic jazz singers. The city’s absolute love of music is inspiring and enough to make anyone fall in love.

1 Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok is exceptional for its incredible nightlife. Its streets are havens for this lifestyle that parties until the rooster crows. For 365 days a year, the streets of Bangkok are filled with the sounds of music, the joyous voices of young men and women shaking everything they have to the beats. There’s no better way to get strong for a street party than munching on street food and Bangkok certainly has that to give.

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