Illegal parties banned as part of a crackdown in the Balearic Islands that could see revelers fined between €300 and €30,000

ORGANIZERS of illegal parties face massive fines of up to €300,000 in a crackdown by the Balearic Islands government.

And the guests could be delirious as they too could be ordered to pay between €300 and €30,000 each in penalties under a bill.

The regulations would affect Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza and Formentera and should be introduced before the summer party season.

In a new move, owners of properties rented out for parties would face the same penalties as organizers – between €100,000 and €300,000.

Not only would organizers, owners and guests face hefty fines, but also suppliers of food and drink, marquees and other party essentials – a move that could impact catering businesses in the open air of the islands.

Meeting where the Balearic government discussed the new fines. Image from the Balearic Government website.

Mercedes Garrido, from the Balearic Islands government, said: “We are looking for measures to stop illegal parties and make organizers think twice when planning a party.

The regulations are aimed at mass events and not family gatherings such as birthday parties.

Ibiza Council President Vicent Mari said illegal parties are defined as “a mass gathering, which is held outside of regulated chains that have a license, and where there is transport, publicity , DJs and there is an entrance fee”.

Although Ibiza and Mallorca’s ‘private party’ scene has always been popular, the massive closure of clubs during pandemic restrictions has led to ‘exponential growth’ in the market, believed to be worth millions of euros.

Several gatherings with hundreds of guests have been broken up by police in Mallorca and Ibiza, with guests often failing to adhere to mask and social distancing restrictions.