Hotels in Spain return to pre-pandemic levels with six million customers in March

Tourists arriving at a hotel in Vitoria. / on

British and German visitors represent respectively 23.6% and 18.7% of the total overnight stays by foreigners. They are followed in number by tourists from France, the Netherlands and Italy

More than six million people stayed in hotels in Spain in March, marking the sector’s recovery after two years of restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemic. Figures released today, April 25, show that there were more than 17.6 million overnight stays last month, five times more than in March 2021.

These figures are comparable to those of February 2020, just before the start of the pandemic, when there were 6.5 million visitors and 17.7 million hotel nights. In March last year, however, just 1.7 million people stayed in a hotel and there were 3.5 million overnight stays.

Thanks to strong demand, most hotels in Spain have reopened, after being closed for months during the restrictions. Last month, 12,868 were open, with an average occupancy rate of 47%. This is more than the 12,662 opened in February 2020, with an occupancy rate of 51%. This means that more than 4,300 establishments were open a year ago.

156,137 workers

And when more hotels are open, there are more employees in the sector. Statistics just released show that there are now 156,137 workers in Spanish hotels, well above the 54,000 in March last year and almost 165,000 in February 2020.

Of the total, seven million (40%) of customers came from Spain and 10.5 million from abroad. Figures for February 2020 were similar, but the average length of stay fell from 2.73 days to 2.91 last month, a sign the industry sees as promising.

Tenerife, the highest occupancy rates in Spain

Hotels in the south of Tenerife had the best occupancy rates last month (71.5%) and La Gomera had the highest weekend occupancy (72.6%). In March, more than two million people stayed in hotels on the island of Tenerife, and the Spanish tourist resorts with the most overnight stays were Madrid, Barcelona and San Bartolomé de Tirajana.

British and German visitors continue to come to Spain, accounting for 23.6% and 18.7% of total overnight stays by foreigners respectively. They are followed in number by tourists from France, the Netherlands and Italy.