Green list updated with four countries added as the Balearic Islands went orange

The government’s green list has been updated, with only four countries added.

Those among the countries that now do not require quarantine on return are Bulgaria and Hong Kong.

Two more have also been placed on the Green Watch List, which means their status could change during the government’s next travel review.

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As expected, the surge in Covid cases in the Mediterranean has looked like the Balearic Islands – a popular destination with British travelers – have moved to the amber list.

The Spanish islands include Ibiza, Mallorca, Menorca, and Formentera.

This means anyone who has not received two vaccines will have to quarantine themselves for 10 days at home when they return to Britain from Monday, July 19, when new guidelines take effect.

Those who are double-bitten will however be able to return without any quarantine requirement.

Four countries were also added to the red list.

Which countries have moved to the green list?

Bulgaria and Hong Kong have been transferred to the green list.

Croatia and Taiwan have been added to the Green Watch List.

Which countries have been moved to the Red List?

Four countries and territories – Cuba, Indonesia, Myanmar and Sierra Leone – will be added to the red list starting at 4 a.m. on Monday.

People will be required to stay in a government-approved quarantine hotel for 10 days upon their return.

Announcing the decision on Twitter, Travel Secretary Grant Shapps said: “Four countries and territories will join the red list to protect our national vaccine rollout.

“We will keep these measures under review and we will be guided by the latest data – we will not hesitate to take action if necessary to protect public health.

“We are also moving the Balearic Islands and British Virgin Islands to the Amber List – previously on the Green Watch List. Additionally, from 07/19, if you are fully vaccinated in the UK you can return to England. from orange countries and territories without the need to quarantine.

“Starting at 4 a.m. on Monday, July 19, Bulgaria and Hong Kong will be added to the green list and Croatia and Taiwan to the green list of destinations. Please check the latest travel tips before you travel, as countries and territories may have additional requirements before you travel there. “

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