ERTE in the Balearic Islands

Organizations such as the Exceltur alliance want ERTE to remain in place until the end of 2022.

09-02-2022P. PELLICER

February 28 is an important date. This is the deadline for the covid passport in the Balearic Islands and for the ERTE leave scheme throughout Spain.

The Balearic government seems willing to withdraw the Covid passport requirement before the end of the month. There was no hint that he might seek another extension. In the meantime, employers and trade unions are pushing for a further extension of the ERTE.
Non-extension of the passport but extension to ERTEboth would be welcome. But while one speaks of a return to some normality, the other does not. Organizations such as the Exceltur alliance (president, Gabriel Escarrer de Meliá) want ERTE to remain in place until the end of 2022. Others say end of June at the very least.

January employment figures showed some 105,000 employees were on ERTE nationwide and there were 5,600 in the Balearic Islands. Workforce reduced compared to what they once were, the employers nevertheless affirm that the system must continue until the recovery is consolidated. It won’t happen until the summer.

The hope was that with the arrival of Easter, an extension would not have been necessary. Omicron dashed that hope and forced companies to back down at ERTE. Uncertainty therefore persists, reflected by a general lack of business confidence in the first quarter.

Given this, and since the numbers are not important, the Spanish government should agree to an extension until at least the end of June. ERTE may seem it’s endlessbut it will eventually end.