COVID restrictions eased in the Balearic Islands

The use of masks outdoors ceases to be mandatory from Thursday and the Balearic Government has already planned the next step: the withdrawal of the extension of the uses of the COVID passport. “We are appreciating the situation we have at all times, the incidence at the moment is down and we are studying how to continue the process of normalizing the measures, and that is one of the problems that we are seeing at the moment”, said Balearic President, Francina Armengol.

Then she also warned that “I don’t like to speculate”, so there is no specific date. “We will explain it when we announce it. Obviously it will be as soon as possible,” she added. At the moment the High Court of Justice of the Balearic Islands has approved its use until February 28 and, before it ends, “we have to talk to healthcare professionals, see the situation we have in hospitals and centers and then make decisions”, specified the president.

Francina Armengol defended the use of the Covid passport, “it has helped us a lot to secure spaces with more people, also to encourage vaccination, we must recognize it”, she said. In addition, she specified that the Balearic Islands had already relied on this tool “from the start”, with the passenger control at the entrance to ports and airportsafter the confinement of 2020. “Then we introduced its use at night and the restoration, it was their way of opening in complete safety”, she explained.

The opposition PP had devoted much of their usual Monday press conference to demanding the withdrawal of COVID passport “this week”. Cs and Vox also defended this proposal. Vox, moreover, “celebrated” that the “populares” had changed their minds. The PP’s parliamentary spokesman, Antoni Costa, clarified that while they supported him at the time, in exchange for increasing restrictions and promoting the vaccination of people who were reluctant to get vaccinated, the the time had come to remove it. And he asked Armengol to do it now. Cs spokeswoman Patricia Guasp pointed out -however- the contradiction that the PP defends the COVID certificate in some communities where it governs and opposes it when it is in opposition. PSIB, Més and Podemos indicated that we must be guided by the criteria of health experts.