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Studying is a big part of what it takes to become a full fledged linguaphile, but the other, often overlooked part is practicing our language skills regularly. It is claimed that without the possibility of using a language on a regular basis, one can forget what one has learned.

Based on the world’s most spoken and fastest growing languages*, the language learning app Preply’s Cultural Hotspot Study reveals where the largest diasporas will be found by language (culture), as well as providing the best environment for learning and keep a tongue.

For 45 major cities in the UK, the search (normalized per capita) takes into account the number of speakers per language, the number of local amenities (restaurants, grocery stores, community centres), the number of language learning establishments and their average score.

Top Cultural Hotspots

Although London will always remain one of the best cities in the UK for the variety of cultures present, based on the most widely spoken and fastest growing languages ​​in the world, London has been dethroned by none other than the city of Cambridge.

Cambridge ranks first among cultural hotspots in the country, as the city is home to the highest number of foreign language speakers and the third-best choice of native amenities (per capita). Oxford and Manchester follow in second and third place respectively.

London still ranks respectably in seventh place, as it has the second highest number of foreign language speakers (per capita). However, the UK capital lacks local amenities, ranking 18th, with just 108 local amenities per 100,000 people. The other ten remaining cultural hotspots are Bristol, Leicester Newcastle Upon Tyne, Nottingham, Norwich and Reading.

Top cultural hotspots by language (culture)

Once you see which city ranks first by language, you’ll understand why Cambridge gets the top spot overall, as it’s revealed to be the top hotspot for not one, not two, not three of the languages ​​analyzed, but 10 of them. The city ranks first for Mandarin, Spanish, French, and Arabic, among others.

Besides the highest number of speakers per language and a large choice of native equipment (per capita), Cambridge’s high score is also due to its infamous educational institutions. The city has the 2nd best choice of language schools (per capita), beaten only by Oxford and the average language school rating in the city is 4.79 stars.

Looking at the top three cultural centers by language (culture), Nottingham also emerges as a multicultural centre, ranking in the top three for six of the languages ​​including Dutch, Italian and German. Other major competitors include Oxford and Ipswich, which are among the top three hotspots for five of the languages ​​analyzed.

Immersing yourself in a multicultural environment can be a great way to enrich our language learning and cultural education, with the added bonus of integrating a new community. Preply’s research proves that it’s not just necessary to stay alone in London to be among the UK’s cultural hotspots.

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