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So your stay in Barcelona has been absolutely amazing so far; you took advantage of your time to get lost in the alleys of the historic district of Barri Gòtic, to stroll along the emblematic avenue of La Rambla and to shop at the Boqueria market in addition to other eye-opening activities.

But now you’ve heard of other places of interest around the Catalan capital and the urge to see what all the fuss is about is starting to get the better of you. Maybe too, right? When else will you have the opportunity to explore under the Iberian sun?

That said, here are some of the best day trips you can take from Barcelona.

Barcelona — Andorra

Andorra is a beautiful Lilliputian principality nestled in a beautiful valley in the Pyrenees between France and Spain. A day trip to Andorra is simply not to be missed if you are visiting Barcelona for several good reasons.

Among other things, Andorra is known as a shopping paradise because it has the lowest tax rate in Europe, which means that you simply cannot afford to miss the Andorran shopping experience during your visit. in Barcelona. Perfume, fashion and electronics brands rub shoulders in this duty-free shopping center perched in the Pyrenees.


For others, Andorra is synonymous with skiing, hiking and even balneotherapy (a method of treating illnesses with baths) usually practiced in spas and public baths. Indeed, Andorra is one of the best destinations in Europe for winter activities and relaxation; a truly wonderful place to reconnect with nature through its picturesque valleys, meadows and forests.

Getting to Andorra

  • You can take the bus from Barcelona station to Andorra. The journey will take around three hours with tickets starting at 16 euros (23 Singapore dollars).
  • A bus to Andorra also departs from Terminal 2 at Barcelona El Prat Airport. It takes four hours to reach Andorra with tickets from 37 euros.
  • Driving in Andorra is also a popular option. Carpools are also a common method.

Barcelona — Girona — Costa Brava

Head northeast from Barcelona and you will come to the city of Girona, from where you can continue your day trip to the Costa Brava. Day trips to Girona and the Costa Brava are among the most popular and serviced routes for visitors to Barcelona.



A certain high born named Arya Stark once found herself wandering the streets of Girona begging for change. Well, at least that’s what you’ll inevitably hear since Girona was one of the filming locations for the popular Game of Thrones series.

But even if you’re not a fan of spectacle, it’s easy to fall in love with Girona because of its medieval vibe, which is particularly notable when strolling the narrow streets of the old town.

Head further east from Girona, you will no doubt be drawn to the historic Castell de Tossa de Mar, a fortified coastal wall built to ward off pirates, marauders and other disreputable individuals. The castle of Tossa de Mar dates from the 12th century and has a series of towers from which spectacular views of the sea can be admired.

Getting to Girona

  • A high-speed train line from Barcelona to Girona is available. Tickets start at 16 euros for the 40 minute journey.
  • If you prefer to drive to Girona, it will take you around 80 minutes.

Costa Brava


Some 32 kilometers east of Girona, the Costa Brava — the “Côte Sauvage” — stretches for 160 kilometres.

The Costa Brava acquired its namesake perhaps due to the presence of rocky cliffs, pine forests and sandy coves. Yet beyond its rough facade, brochure-worthy beaches are also present with their turquoise waters painting an authentic Mediterranean landscape.

Getting to the Costa Brava

  • From Girona, drive or take the bus to the Costa Brava. Tickets start from five euros.
  • The trip takes about 50 minutes.


Another popular day trip from Barcelona that you can take is the Montserrat and Sitges route. This day trip includes a visit to a solemn abbey in the mountains and palm-fringed beaches.



While the Montserrat mountain range is simply breathtaking, the main reason people find visiting Montserrat extremely intriguing is undoubtedly the mystical Benedictine abbey housing a statue of the Black Madonna (Black Madonna).

The statue, to which miracles have been attributed, is said to have been sculpted in Jerusalem by Saint Luke himself. This makes the abbey a place of religious significance, with adherents regularly favoring a visit to Montserrat over Barcelona.

As mentioned, apart from the abbey, visitors to Montserrat can also hike and take the cable car to the highest point of Montserrat where breathtaking views await.

Getting to Montserrat

  • You can reach Montserrat from Barcelona by train, which takes around an hour. Tickets start from five euros.
  • Driving or taking a taxi is another option. A taxi ride to Montserrat usually takes 30 minutes and will cost you around 85 euros.



After your visit to the monastery, the resort town of Sitges would be the perfect end to your day trip to Barcelona. Originally a picturesque fishing village, Sitges is now famous for being a holiday destination for groups of friends, couples and also families looking to have fun with its fun summer carnival and its bustling nightlife.


For those looking for a slower pace, Sitges also has a charming old town, a mouth-watering dining experience and, of course, gorgeous palm-lined beaches.

If you are visiting in October, you can attend the film festival with mainly fantasy and horror films.

Getting to Sitges

  • From Montserrat station you can take the train and then the bus. The journey takes about two hours and will cost you around 10 euros.
  • We recommend driving or taking a taxi if time is of the essence. Taking a taxi costs around 90 euros but will only take you around 45 minutes

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