Balearic Islands: Stunning marine tornadoes spotted off Mallorca beach

WATCH: A spectacular natural phenomenon has taken place off the coast of Mallorca, and it has been caught on camera.

An impressive phenomenon of multiple waterspouts off Mallorca has been filmed.

Four waterspouts, also known as sea tornadoes, formed off Santanyi on Friday and were clearly visible from the island.

A waterspout is an intense vertical vortex that occurs over a body of water.

This happens when cold air moves over the water, causing drastic temperature differences between the warm water and the prevailing cold air.

This breathtaking natural phenomenon happened moments after severe storms hit the Balearic island.

And the islands can expect wilder weather after the State Weather Agency (Aemet) issued a weather warning for more storms and rainfall on Wednesday and Thursday.

The bulk of the rain is expected to hit Ibiza, with the forecaster predicting 50mm per hour.

Mallorca was also in the firing line, with just 25mm of rain per hour expected.

In just under an hour, 135 liters per square meter were dumped on Felantix on September 16.

Streets were turned into rivers, homes were flooded and cars washed away as water gushed through city streets.

Dozens of people had to be rescued after they were caught in the storm and trapped in their vehicles on the main road from Felantix to Porreres.

In just under an hour, 135 liters per square meter were dumped on Felantix.

Emergency services remain on site to clean up the damage.

Showers on Wednesday and Thursday are not expected to be of the same intensity as last week’s precipitation, Aemet said.