Balearic Islands record highest peak in Covid cases since summer


The Balearic Health Ministry’s daily Covid report today reported the highest 24-hour spike since August 18, 328 in total against 331.

According to the report, there is 112 people hospitalized including 24 in intensive care, the covid occupying 7% of places, a rate still envisaged “low risk”.

The official number of death since the start of the pandemic has remained 1,024 people and the positive rate for diagnostic tests performed yesterday was 7.48%.

In addition to hospitalized people, primary care is monitoring the progress of 3,400 people with asymptomatic or mild symptoms, taking the total number of people with active infection in 3,512, 40% more than a week ago.

The cumulative incidence in fourteen days is 254 cases per 100,000 inhabitants. In Mallorca it was 250, 189 in Ibiza, 424 in Menorca and 50 in Formentera.

Of the 328 new cases, 278 were detected in Mallorca, where 92 patients are hospitalized, 18 of them were in intensive care and 2,612 are isolated at home or in a government Covid hotel.

In Minorca, or 34 new cases were reported, there were five people in hospital wards, five in intensive care and 405 cases under primary care supervision.

In Ibiza, 16 infections were, 10 were in hospital, one in intensive care and 378 patients were confined with mild symptoms.

In Formentera, no new cases were reported and five residents were being treated at home.
The 859,839 people who have already received the full vaccination the schedule represents 83% of the population aged over 11.