Balearic Islands launch new subsidies for electric vehicles

The government of the Balearic Islands has launched a new round of grants for the purchase of electric cars and the installation of charging stations as part of the Spanish grant program eMobility Moves III.

In total, 9.3 million euros in grants are intended for Spain archipelago of islands (including Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza and Formentera) from 5 July 2021 to 2024. Of this amount, 6.3 million euros are intended for subsidies for electric vehicles and 3 million euros for charging stations.

The key points defined in the Spanish eMobility Moves III grant program will apply: for example, the purchase of an electric car will be subsidized up to 7,000 euros, provided that a vehicle older than seven years is put discarded as part of the purchase. For vans, the amount can go up to 9,000 euros. Without scrapping, the amount of the subsidy per electric car amounts to 4,500 euros.

Plug-in hybrids and fuel cell cars are also subsidized up to 7,000 euros. Electric range must be at least 90 kilometers for the maximum grant. In addition, the subsidized car must not cost more than 45,000 euros (net). If it has 8 or 9 places, a price cap of 53,000 euros (net) applies. Light electric vehicles and electric two-wheelers are also subsidized. Separate subsidy rates apply to commercial operators. A novelty in the Balearic Islands plan is that companies are subsidized for 50 instead of 30 vehicles per year.

Meanwhile, the Moves II subsidy plan will run in parallel until October 1, which means buyers of new electric cars must decide which of the two programs they want to use. So far, 545 grant applications have been received in the Balearic Islands under Moves II. (in German), (in Spanish)