Balearic Islands: 11 dead bodies spotted floating in waters off Cabrera – 3 rescued | World | News

A rescue operation remains underway after the grim discovery in the waters off Spain’s Cabrera archipelago. The sailboat alerted the authorities, who are working on the scene.

According to government delegation sources, the sighting was reported at 4:08 p.m. Monday. The number of dead bodies was initially estimated at seventeen.

Later, the government delegation confirmed that 11 dead bodies were found with three people rescued alive by Maritime Rescue.

The rescue operation at sea is still ongoing.

Two sets of remains have already been recovered by a yacht present in the area.

A maritime rescue helicopter as well as the Civil Guard helicopter, known as Cuco, were deployed to the scene.

Several maritime rescue boats have also joined efforts in waters west of Cabrera, south of Mallorca.

Current evidence indicates that the victims were traveling on a boat in an attempt to reach the Balearic coast from North Africa.

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It follows reports from the State Meteorological Agency (AEMET) suggesting that waves of more than three meters were seen on Monday in the waters between the Balearic Islands and Algeria.

If the incident is linked to migrants, it would be the biggest tragedy linked to illegal immigration in the history of the Balearic Islands.

While the rescue operation is still ongoing, no further details of the circumstances that occurred in Balearic waters are known.