Aurora Picornell’s remains are found in the Balearic Islands | New

On Thursday, Juan Pedro Yllanes, the vice-president of the government of the Mallar Islands in Spain, announced the discovery of the remains of Aurora Picornell, the militant of the Spanish Communist Party (PCE), who was killed by Franco’s forces during the Civil War War in 1937.


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“We identified the remains of Aurora Picornell in the mass grave of the Son Coletes cemetery in Manacor,” Yllanes said, comparing the communist seamstress to poet Federico Garcia Lorca, another victim of fascist violence.

“Our government aimed for the recovery and dignity of a person as important as her,” he added.

In 1931, Aurora participated in the creation of the Union of Tailors in the Balearic Islands. Shortly after, she became a member of the Communist Party, from where she traveled the towns of the island to denounce those who abused the workers. In 1934, she participated in the establishment of the Communist Party on the island of Menorca and cooperated in the extension of the “Secours rouge international”.

In 1935, Aurora was imprisoned for distributing “Our Word” magazine, considered a subversive manifesto. From this same magazine, she denounces the situation and living conditions of women in Palma prison. When the Civil War broke out, Aurora was imprisoned in the Mallorca Women’s Prison.

On the night of January 5, 1937, fascist forces illegally broke her out of prison and took her to the convent of Montuiri, where she was tortured and murdered along with four other communist seamstresses known as “Les Roges des Molinar”. Her father, her two brothers and her husband were also killed by the Spanish dictatorship.

“Aurora Picornell is returning home. We have found her. Thank you very much to everyone. Today the Balearic Islands have democracy and it is a better society,” said Francina Armengol, the president of the Balearic government.